Pipelayer Installation Training: Chapter 1 V2.0.0

Introduction (4 pages): This lesson is a basic overview of the Pipelayer Installation Training Chapter 1 program.

Overview (6 pages): This lesson provides a brief overview of job layout, including a description of crew members and their responsibilities.

Safety (9 pages): This lesson discusses the importance of safety. Topics include:

Working near utilities (both underground and overhead)

Road traffic safety (using signage, flagmen, and barricades)

Jobsite traffic

Keeping pedestrians out of the jobsite

Material Layout & Handling (39 pages): This lesson discusses the layout and handling of materials. Topics include:

Efficiency and profit verses cost

Handling spoil, topsoil, and other materials

An overview of working with pipe, specials, and rigging.

Creating a processing area

Equipment efficiency and safety

Material storage considerations

Environmental protection

Job layout considerations (work area and efficiency)

Production and Timing (15 pages): This lesson provides tips for productivity and efficiency in the form of good work habits and planning.

Tools (3 pages): This lesson discusses the importance of keeping tools organized and inspected.

Protecting the Installation (10 pages): This lesson provides what to do at the end of a shift to protect the work that was completed during the day.