Theft & Vandalism Prevention Training - Instructor Kit

As the construction industry grows, theft and vandalism of equipment has become a $100 million dollar problem. Equipment left at the job site or on dealership or contractor lots is a prime target for vandals and thieves who are well organized and efficient at "jacking" machines. In this training program. two videos or DVDs and associated materials provide you with tips and ideas from experienced contractors and law enforcement officials. Sample topics include:
  • Avoiding increased insurance premiums
  • Preventing downtime for your crew
  • Reducing job site equipment and material loss and damage
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Complete Kit: Equipment Theft & Vandalism Prevention

Everything you need to train ALL employees. Conduct an employee training session in 15-45 minutes. Considering the cost of today's sophisticated equipment, your return on investment from this kit can easily exceed 1000%. Includes all of the following:

  • DVDs - Stealing from Thieves and Headaches for Vandals
  • 1 Equipment identification/proof of ownership package (tips and equipment serial number log)
  • 1 Leader's guide to conduct your own training session
  • 10 employee booklets explaining the top ideas from each video
  • 10 Key chains, reminder tags or wallet cards (laminated)
  • 10 "Stop theft and vandalism" equipment decals

Additional materials included in the kit

These materials help you develop a plan, teach employees how to prevent theft and vandalism and serve as daily reminders to every member of your team. All materials can be used with either (or both) DVDs. They are included with this instructor kit or may be ordered separately by calling VISTA.

Equipment identification/proof of ownership package

Includes the following materials:

  • Equipment PIN and other identifier logging sheets and examples
  • 10 key chains and 10 decals

$45 - Order by calling VISTA

Leader's guide

This guide enables anyone to conduct theft and vandalism prevention training in 15-45 minutes. It is designed to work with the two videos to help you develop a theft and vandalism prevention plan.

$19 each - Order by calling VISTA

Employee booklets

These booklets contain 10 tips for preventing jobsite vandalism and theft.

$26 (package of 10) - Order by calling VISTA

Key chains, reminder tags or laminated wallet cards

Give one of these to each of your employees as a reminder of the top 10 theft and vandalism prevention techniques. Also, hang reminder tags in the cab of each piece of equipment in your fleet.

$26 (package of 10) - Order by calling VISTA

Stop thieves and vandals reminder decals

Place these in highly visible places to remind operators to take their keys and lock up their equipment.

$26 (package of 10) - Order by calling VISTA

DVDs are available separately

Stealing From Thieves - Equipment Theft Prevention (DVD)

Headaches For Vandals - Job Site Vandalism & Theft Prevention (DVD)

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For more information about VISTA's instructor kits, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886, or send us an e-mail message.

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VISTA theft and vandalism prevention instructor kit

Instructor Kit Advantages

  • Raise the level of professionalism of your training
  • Save time
  • Provide your operators with more consistent, structured safety training
  • Print as many copies as you need
  • Take the hassle out of record-keeping

VISTA instructor kits are ideal for owners of small equipment fleets, or if your firm doesn't have a person dedicated to training. Safety is still critically important!