Aerial Bucket Truck Instructor Kit

This complete training package lets you begin conducting professional aerial bucket truck training immediately.

Operators of this equipment are subject to some difficult conditions. From bad weather and traffic near the job site to proper hand signals and avoiding electrocution, this kit and included video are great resources for instructors. This is a complete instructor "tool kit" for teaching the new aerial bucket truck operator or for refresher training of experienced operators.
Topics covered include:
  • The human element to safety
  • Know your equipment
  • Statistics review
  • Stability and loads
  • Accident procedures and rescue
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Topic summary

  • Standards
  • Knowing your equipment (features)
  • Electricity and grounding
  • Controls
  • Outriggers
  • Insulation

  • Maintenance
  • Markings
  • Fall protection
  • Rescue
  • Pre-operation inspection

Additional course materials included on the disc

  • Attendance Roster
  • Training Agenda Template
  • Pre-Planning Checklist
  • Discussion Questions

  • Pre-Operational Checklist
  • Operator Evaluation
  • Written Exam
  • Exam Key
  • Course Manual

You may print as many copies as needed for training sessions.

Other included materials

  • Pocket size Spanish/English Dictionary
  • NUCA Pocket Safety Guide

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VISTA Instructor Kits

Instructor Kit Advantages

  • Raise the level of professionalism in your training
  • Save time instead of developing training programs from scratch
  • Provide your operators with more consistent, structured safety training
  • Print as many copies as you need - when you need them
  • Take the hassle out of record-keeping

VISTA instructor kits are ideal for owners of small equipment fleets, or if your firm doesn't have a person dedicated to training. Safety is still critically important!