On-Site Training - Details

On-site training classroom activities

Depending on the course, these activities may all occur on the first day or weaved into the overall course. This makes multiple day courses more interesting. Work zone training will be slightly different format. Call for details.

  • Mobile construction equipment familiarization
  • Product orientation (brief history, standard/non-standard applications)
  • Equipment design principles (focus on what it was designed to do)
  • Safety considerations (operator, fellow workers & the public)
  • Understanding the operator manual
  • How to adapt to various brands of equipment
  • Pre-operation inspection (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Powertrain (engine, cooling system, drive train, brakes)
  • Electrical system (includes charging, starting and electronics)
  • Hydraulic system (understanding components, functions, maintenance)
  • Machine operation (standard equipment and optional attachments)
  • Operator compartment (instruments, controls and housekeeping)

Electives - optional add-on modules

Hands-on equipment operation

Requires a field site with room for practice exercises such as excavating, spoil placement, trench sloping, benching, trench box/shoring placement and use, rigging and lifting, loading of trucks, stockpile re-handling, and other functions associated with equipment use including use of transport trailer (if elective is selected). Usually requires two-way radios for instructor to student communications. Personal protective equipment is always required.


  • Students must practice and demonstrate knowledge of safe start and equipment inspection procedures.
  • Students must practice and demonstrate understanding and safely use equipment to perform general tasks.
  • Students must practice and demonstrate understanding and use of equipment in several tasks that are encountered in your facility's line of work.
  • For electives, students will be required to practice and demonstrate use of industry standard hand signals, flagging signals, transport trailer loading, unloading and tie-down procedures, safe rigging and lifting techniques, grade reading, buried cable locating and other skills as required.

Operator evaluation and skills assessment

Examinations will be conducted in three phases:

WRITTEN: Consists of multiple choice questions relating to significant operations and safety points made during the course. All students must take the written test together to complete evaluation.

ORAL: Consists of an interview with one or more instructors to determine the individual's comprehension of the more abstract functions of equipment and applications. The focus will be on the pre-operation inspection.

PRACTICAL: Individual performance of various tasks which may be encountered in the field. Demonstrate an ability to follow directions, work safely and show concern for fellow workers and the machine. Some tasks may require precision operating.

Train the trainer

Train the trainer provides a complete solution that includes all the materials we use allows you to take over training after we complete our time at your site.

Contact us for additional information

For more information about VISTA's on-site training services for construction, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886, or send us an e-mail message.

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