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Survey: How are you training your operators?

Mines are doing business in a different world today:

  1. Global mining is dominated by large, expensive haul trucks, which must operate nearly 24/7 to pay back their investment.

  2. Volatility in mineral prices have squeezed the profit margins of many mines, and global economic pressures have created even greater uncertainty.

  3. Mines in many parts of the world are facing moderate to severe challenges in hiring people to be trained as haul truck operators. In some cases, people who have never driven a vehicle before are being hired and trained to be haul truck operators.

  4. Retention is becoming an issue, as people job-jump for more money at other mines. These factors make it critically important that mines take a fresh look at how they are training new operators and retaining existing ones. That's why VISTA Training put together this brief survey, which explores the following issues:

  5. What training tools and strategies are mines are employing to train new haul truck operators?

  6. What factors are they seeking to address when training haul truck operators?

  7. How much of an impact is computer-based training (CBT) having on training programs used by mines?

  8. How are mines currently measuring the effectiveness of their operator training programs?

  9. How could these programs be improved? Please click here to participate in this survey It will take you a maximum of 5 minutes to complete. What's in it for you? An opportunity to benchmark your training practices against those of your peers and learn from them. Our plan is to share the results of this survey with participating mines, as well as post it to this website. We look forward to your participation in this valuable survey!

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