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Articulated Haul Truck - Basic Operation & Safety: The latest web-based training program from VISTA

Updated: Mar 15

Waterford, WI (August 16, 2012) – VISTA Training, Waterford, Wisconsin, recently launched an new articulated haul truck training module as part of its affordable, growing Silver Series of web-deliverable operator training programs. It is focused on helping operators to work proficiently and safely in all types of terrain. Because this program is web-based, trainees can view it any time, anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available. The content of Articulated Haul Truck - Basic Operation & Safety is focused on five key areas: Lesson 1 - Machine basics: This lesson reviews the basic components of a typical six-wheel-drive articulated dump truck (ADT), including its powertrain, braking systems, transmission and areas of limited visibility. Lesson 2 - Pre-use inspection: It's vital that operators inspect their truck every day before putting it to work. This module explains how to claim the machine and do a walk-around inspection of a typical ADT. Lesson 3 - Loading methods: This lesson outlines factors to keep in mind as operators approach a loading area, truck positioning, loading from a bench, spotting methods for over-the-rail and -through-the-tail loading, drive-by loading and loading from a wheel loader. Lesson 4 - Hauling: This lesson explores the most important situations operators are likely to face on the haul road, how to minimize tire damage and extend tire life, how to travel down a grade with a fully-loaded truck, the challenges of sloping ground and what to do if the truck gets stuck. Lesson 5 - Unloading the truck: At the other end of the haul cycle is the dump. This final lesson explains how to approach the dump area, basics of dumping the load, dumping with and without a spotter, roll-over accidents, dumping on an incline and how to spread a load. This one-hour web-based, self-directed course is perfect for trainers to provide their trainees with a solid foundation of equipment and safety knowledge before they begin classroom or field training. To learn more about the Silver Series of computer-based safety training modules from VISTA Training, please visit the VISTA website at For more information about the new articulated haul truck training program, please visit

About VISTA Training VISTA Training, Inc., founded in 1991, provides training solutions for people involved in earthmoving, excavating and mining applications. Over 10,000 customers use VISTA products and services to provide equipment safety, skills and productivity training to employees. Headquartered in Waterford, Wisconsin, USA with a Canadian branch near the oil sands mining operations of northern Alberta, Canada, VISTA provides the mining and construction industries with a variety of computer-based training modules, videos, DVDs and instructor kits, on-site equipment operator training and cost effective, PC-based equipment simulators.

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For more information, please contact: Marketing Manager VISTA Training Inc. Ph: 262-514-2886 ext. 305 E-mail:

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