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10 ways e-learning can improve mine safety

Updated: Mar 11

As mines continue to look for ways to cut costs and increase productivity, driven by instability in mineral prices and other economic factors, they need to look for ways to deliver training more efficiently - and with a greater level of effectiveness. Many mines have already invested in simulators as a technology that can help to drive greater efficiencies in learning. In contrast, most haven’t looked for tools and strategies to revolutionize the learning experience and make better use of limited training staff. This represents an unrealized opportunity not only to increase operator safety and productivity, but also the impact of training on the business. The key technology in making this next-level leap in training effectiveness is e-learning - the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies to deliver training. Over the past decade, e-learning has matured to the point where it ought to be a key element in every mine’s training program. In particular, it is a very efficient and effective way to deliver consistent foundational knowledge to new trainees and refresher training to experienced operators In this new white paper, we take a closer look at the many ways in which e-learning can help to improve mine safety. Interested in our mining specific e-learning? See: Mining Training

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